Terms And Conditions

Important: Participation in CBE VIP Club is optional and if customers elect to participate in the monthly subscription plan the following Terms will apply. Please note That the CBE VIP Club membership only applies to the customers’ vacation travel package originating from a promotional certificate fulfilled by Casablanca Express, Inc.

CBE VIP Club is an automatically-renewing subscription plan/membership that gives you access to perks and benefits (“Perks”). Your CBE VIP Club plan/membership will automatically renew each month after the date of the original purchase, and your default payment method will be charged (plus applicable taxes) at the start of every renewal period until cancelled.

Benefits and Perks of CBE VIP Club

Package Expiration

Travelers who have an existing travel package with Casablanca Express, Inc. normally have 12 months to use their travel certificate, however CBE VIP Club members will have the benefit of extending their package as long as they continue to be current on their monthly payments.

Change or Reschedule for Any Reason

The CBE VIP Club membership helps protect you against life’s unexpected occurrences. Your protection allows you to change hotels or reschedule your trip for any reason prior to the scheduled departure of your trip without being charged any change or cancellation fees. The CBE VIP Club membership allows travelers to extend the expiration period printed on the promotional travel certificate normally allotted and can be extended until time of travel, or until the traveler stops paying for membership, and/or until CBE VIP Club discontinues its services. If/when CBE VIP Club discontinues its services, travelers will cease to be charged the monthly subscription membership fee. CBE VIP Club has the right to Cancel/Change program at anytime and the traveler will be charged a prorated amount for the subsequent month if program is canceled. If the travelers’ vacation package is past the amount of time originally granted then traveler will have 30 days from the time of the last payment to utilize the vacation.

Note: The membership plan is valid while account is current.


Casablanca Express, Inc. requires a 90 day notice to book your reservation and limited or no availability during holidays and high demand travel periods. However a benefit of being a customer/member of CBE VIP Club is booking your reservation as little as 72 hours prior to traveling. All accommodation and reservation are subject to availability.


The CBE VIP Club membership is valid for redemption only by the person named on the account. The plan is not transferable and has no cash value. The membership only covers/applies to an active travel certificate fulfilled through Casablanca Express, Inc. The CBE VIP Club membership can be purchased at any time while the travelers’ travel certificate is still active and not expired. The promotional travel certificate will never expire if the CBE VIP Club membership is maintained and paid in full each month. CBE VIP Club Membership benefits cannot be purchased and applied to certificates that have already expired.

You must call Casablanca Express, Inc. Customer Service at (800) 315-2065 to cancel or change your vacation package within the terms of the program. You may cancel the CBE VIP Club membership at anytime. Upon Cancelation, the Terms and Conditions of the travelers’ certificate will revert back to all original Terms printed on the travel certificate.

Terms & Conditions

If you change or cancel your trip prior to the scheduled departure of your trip, all package cancellation fees imposed by the Booking Agent will be waived. All other change/cancellation fees imposed by the hotel, airline, and/or cruise lines may still be applicable.

Customers/Members of Privilege Pass may also gain access to Perks offered by third parties (“Third Party Perks”). Third Party Perks through Privilege Pass may be modified, revoked, or suspended by CBE VIP Club at any time in its sole discretion. Marketing descriptions of Third Party Perks are provided and approved by the third party provider. The provision of any Third Party Perks may be subject to separate terms and conditions between you and the third party provider; by agreeing to receive or use Third Party Perks you also agree to those separate terms and conditions. CBE VIP Club does not control the provision of Third Party Perks and does not warrant that your use of the Third Party Perks will be accurate, complete, reliable, current, secure, uninterrupted, always available, error-free, or will meet your requirements. CBE VIP Club does not provide any of the Third Party Perks, and disclaims all liability arising from the provision or use of any Third Party Perk. Problems or issues with any Third Party Perk should be directed to the third party provider.

Right to Modify or Discontinue

CBE VIP Club reserves the right to modify, limit, discontinue any Perks, increase or decrease the value of any Perks, or to increase or decrease the price of the membership at CBE VIP Club’s sole discretion. There may be a limited supply of some Perks, and certain Perks may not be available in all locations or available to all customers/members. CBE VIP Club does not warrant or guarantee that Perks will remain available throughout the period of your subscription. PRIVILEGE PASS AND ALL ASSOCIATED PERKS ARE PROVIDED ON AN “AS IS” AND “AS AVAILABLE” BASIS AND WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND. Privilege Pass is non-refundable, has no cash value, is not redeemable for cash (except as required by law), and may not be transferred, exchanged or resold. Privilege Pass may not be combined with other promotions, discounts, or offers, unless such combination is expressly permitted. Membership requires a valid credit card or debit card on file as the default payment method. If your payment method is expired or declined your membership will be suspended and CBE VIP Club will prompt you to enter a valid payment method. Taxes apply where applicable. CBE VIP Club reserves the right to modify these Privilege Pass Terms at any time, effective upon posting to the cbevipclub.com. Your continued use of CBE VIP Club following such modification will constitute your agreement of the revised Membership Terms. These CBE VIP Club Terms were last updated on January 20, 2022.

For additional information regarding the plan, please call our customer service line at (800) 315-2065, Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm Pacific.